Basic information

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3rd. and 4th. competition of Czech challenge-cup
5th. and 6th. competition of Class A chart
5th. and 6th. competiton of Class B chart - Čechy
ranking competition (coef. 1,06)
competitions of Czech veteran-cup
open competitions

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date and place

15th. and 16th of June, Mezholezy, 11km north from Horšovský Týn, GPS 49°37'29.269"N, 12°53'40.531"E

the organizing authority

Český svaz orientačních sportů

the organizing club

OK Lokomotiva Plzeň

competition type

single day - daytime - competition of single competitors - with fixed sequence of controls - interval start

saturday - long

sunday - middle


D10C, D12C, D14B, D16A, D16B, D18A, D18B, D20A, D20B, D21E, D21A, D21B, D21C, D35B, D40B, D45B, D50B, D55B, D60B, D65B

H10C, H12C, H14B, H16A, H16B, H18A, H18B, H20A, H20B, H21E, H21A, H21B, H21C, H35B, H40B, H45B, H50B, H55B, H60B, H65B, H70B, H75B

P3 – simple course for newcomers
P6 – harder - training course

maximum competitors in each ranking subcategory is ruled by Czech competition rules

estimated winning time in aech category by Czech competition rules

competition officials

director: Hynek Brom
Course setters:

  • saturday Václav Bohuslav, František Kolovský, both R2
  • sunday Petr Suchý, Jakub Šilhavý, both R2

referee: Aleš Richtr, R1
mapper: Aleš Hejna

contact, information sources, e-mail:

entries and entry deadline

For non Czech speaking and not registered in Czech republic

Till 27.05.2013 23:59 using email

After this date 50% higer price.

After 07.06.2013 100% higer price and up to available maps.

These dates do not apply fot categories P3 and P6 - you can register on place, but only up to available free maps!!


category                                        saturday                sunday

H/D 16-20A + H/D21E,A,B,C           190 Kč                160 Kč

H/D 16-20B, H/D35-55B                   170 Kč                150 Kč

ostatní kategorie                               90 Kč                  90 Kč

SI rent                                               50 Kč                  50 Kč

accomodation on the floor of the gym - 70 Kč/per preson/pre night

change of name in the same category and club - free

PAYMENT For non Czech speaking and not registered in Czech republic - ON PLACE in Czech crowns

protest fee

200 Kč, mail adress for protest against offial results: Aleš Richtr, Pecháčkova 25, 318 00 Plzeň

place and time of registration on place

center - saturday 9:00 – 11:00, sunday 8:00 – 9:00

Whole club registration is preffred!


· accomodation – parking                 up to 30 km

· parking – competition center         up to 700 m

· competition center – registration   0 m

· competition center – start             saturday up to 2000 m, sunday up to 2500 m

· competition center – finish            0 m

terrain description

In the edge parts of competition area are steep hills with large granitic boulders and rocky surface. Flat middle part with waterlogged forest. Many roads and paths.


                                       saturday                                                           sunday

map scales                      1:15 000, up to DH14 and above DH45 1:10 000           1:10 000

contours equidistance     5 m                                                                5 m

map state                        May 2013                                                      May 2013

map key                          ISOM 2000                                                     ISOM 2000

author                             Aleš Hejna,                                Aleš Hejna,

map size                         1:15 000 – A3, 1:10 000 – A3                           A3

waterproof paper will be used for maps

time of start = 00

saturday 12:00, sunday 10:00

interval start

punching system

elektronic system SportIdent for all categories, it is possible to use type 8 and 9 chip's rows;

SI -rent - 50 Kč/per day; in case of loss - 700 Kč;

please mention SI -rent in your entry


competitors competes at OWN RISK, by valid Rules of Orienteering and by Czech competition rules


is available for friday to saturday and from saturday to sunday on the floor of the gyms in distance up to 30 km for 70 Kč/pre person/pre night fee;

please ask for accomodation in your entry email

Camping over night in competition center is forbidden!!


near competition center for 50 Kč for both days


there will be no kindergarden available


Selling activities only with permission of competition director.

Area of competition is within the nature park Sedmihoří. Participants are obliged to apply the rules of nature protection of nature park Sedmihoří – by notice OÚ Domažlice a Tachov. Copies will be available at the competition center.


Rozpis závodů byl schválen soutěžní komisí sekce OB ČSOB dne 09.04.2013