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3rd. and 4th. competition of Czech challenge-cup
5th. and 6th. competition of Class A chart
5th. and 6th. competiton of Class B chart - Čechy
ranking competition (coef. 1,06)
competitions of Czech veteran-cup
open competitions

estimated winning time in aech category by Czech competition rules

saturday long distance, middle distance

time and palace of registration

competition center saturday 9:00 – 11:00, sunday 8:00 – 9:00
Whole club registration is preffred!

control descriptions

self-service distribution at competition center

start numbers

Start numbers are obligatory for categories DH16A, DH18A, DH20A, DH21E; self-service distribution at pre-start.

terrain description and possible dangers

In the edge parts of competition area are steep hills with large granitic boulders and rocky surface. Flat middle part with waterlogged forest. Many roads, paths and clearings.

In area of first controls of sunday's middle distance are rusty parts of fencing, cross with caution!

You can find mobile deer-stands in the forest, which are not recorded in the map.


May 2013

  saturday sunday
map scale 1:15 000, till DH14 and for DH45 1:10 000 1:10 000
map key ISOM 2000 ISOM 2000
authors Aleš Hejna, František Kolovský, Václav Bohuslav, Josef Hejna
map sizes 1:15 000 - 28x36 cm, 1:10 000 - 32x45 32x45 cm

Maps will be printed on water-proof paper - Pretex for all categories.

Printed by Žaket- maps 5 colors CMYK-B, route overprint by offset

special map symbols

forbidden entry

private gardens (map symbo nr. 527 Settlement - yellowgreen color)
In the beginning part of saturday long is a private horse paddock, which is forbidden to enter. Area is marked by symbol nr. 709 - Out-of-bounds area (violet vertical bars).

competition area

- all forests surrounding competition center excluding small forrests around the road to competition center;
It is forbidden to enter competition area excluding paths to start and roads to competiton center till the Sunday evening. Violation of this restriction will lead to disqualification.


car parking - competition center: up to 200m
bus parking - competition center: up to 1000m
competition center - start Saturday: 1100m, without climb
competition center - start Sunday: 2900m, climb 50m
finish - competition center: 0 m
competition center - accomodation: 12 - 16km (as the crow flies)

marking of marked routes

to map start - red&white ribbons
beetween the final control and finish - red&white ribbons, band

refreshment during the race

Only on Saturday:
Beetween control points marked in map - map symbol nr. 713 - Refreshment point (pot), at control points (marked in control descriptions). Beetween control points and at control point nr. 36 is available water and ionic drink. At other control points only water.

At Sunday start will be water available.

time of start 00 and start routine

Saturday 12:00
Sunday 10:00
interval start; length of start routine 3 minutes

start lists

available at competition web page ( ), at competition center and at start

course lengths and climb

available at competition web page ( and on control descriptions

punching system

electronic system SportIdent for all categories, it is possible to use SI chip's up to version 11;

SI -rent - 50 Kč/per day; in case of loss - 700 Kč;

SI clear and check during the start routine

All categories must punch the finish control!

Read out - immediately after finish in finish area

In case of malfunction of SI control use manual punching system into R fields on map

map hand over in finish

competitors are obliged to hand over the map to organizers; maps for both days will be released after 13:00 Sunday

preliminary results

available at competition center


at marked area in competition center


TOI-TOI in competition center; at Sunday start

first aid

at finish area

finish close time

Saturday at 18:15
Sunday at 14:40

time limits

Saturday 180 min cat. H21, others 150 min
Sunday 90 min

price giving ceremony

awarded will be winners in categories C and DH16-21B, v categories A and E first 3 in each category
Saturday at about 17:00, Sunday at about 14:00

competition officials

director: Hynek Brom
Course setters:

  • saturday Václav Bohuslav, František Kolovský, both R2
  • sunday Petr Suchý, Jakub Šilhavý, both R2

referee: Aleš Richtr, R1
mapper: Aleš Hejna


Martin Janata DKP
Karel Rambousek BSO
Ondřej Sysel PGP


- by organizer's directions
- cars next to the competition area for 50,-Kč for both days (up to 200m to competition center)
- busses for free in village Mezholezy (up to 1000m to competition center)


ordered accomodation information will be available at registration

refreshment at competition center

Organized by local restaurant of Mr. Miller "U kalíšku". All restaurant personell will be at competition center - the restaurant will be closed.


Competition patronage is held by hetman of Pilsen region Mr. Milan Chovanec.

Village Mezholezy for support during the preparation of competition center.


Prizes sponsored by:


Závody probíhají na území spravovaném LČR, s. p.


We support project NTIS:


ČSOS sponsors